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Nutrition & Wellness

A Votre Santé...For the New Year

It always happens. The New Year approaches and we make a bunch of resolutions regarding our diet and wellness that we do not necessarily adhere to throughout the year. Wouldn’t it be better to set some realistic goals for yourself and family and not have to go on some fad craze that just doesn’t work and nobody can stick to?

So here are some ideas to keep you on a wellness track during 2011. 

Maintain a healthy diet throughout the week. Try to have 1 cheat day where you indulge yourself with a favorite food, but keep in mind there are always healthy versions. If you are ordering pizza, try it without cheese and load on the veggies. How about a turkey or veggie burger and a baked potato, slaw, or broccoli? Order salads with light dressing, hold the fried croutons. For breakfast, order egg whites, dry toast and fruit. Whereever you are, home or away, it is your choice what you put in your body. Be responsible.

Find an exercise program that works for you; such as weightlifting, yoga, Pilates, running, walking, boxing, dancing. In other words, find something that works for you and that you can stick to at least three days per week.

Remember it is always better to maintain than have to change! A votre Santé!

This Month's Featured Recipes: Soups

This is a nice time of year to try some new soup recipes. Soups are a wonderful way to eat lots of healthy ingredients while eating low fat and low calories. They are filling and can also be frozen for future use. You can also serve them before a meal and lessen the appetite as to take in fewer calories. And they are great in the cold months to warm you.

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