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Faces of Prostate Cancer

PCF Researchers

Since 1993, PCF has funded more than 2,000 research projects at nearly 200 institutions around the world. PCF Researchers brings you the stories of the researchers behind the projects revealing their inspirations and progress.

Antoinette Perry Dr. Antoinette Perry
Dr. Antoinette Perry became involved with prostate cancer research when she began her PhD 10 years ago, though she had no direct relatives or friends who were affected by the disease. However, she had a love for genetics and human health and disease, and prostate cancer research was blooming in Ireland.
Isla Garraway Isla Garraway
Dr. Isla Garraway was inspired to research prostate cancer after her father was diagnosed with the disease in 1994. Her research focuses on isolating specific prostate cancer stem cells.
Matthew Smith Matthew Smith
PCF-funded researcher Dr. Matthew Smith has worked to improve the health of prostate cancer survivors and helped lead the development of denosumab, a novel new drug that targets and inactivates osteoclasts – the cells responsible for bone loss.
Muneesh Tewari Muneesh Tewari
Dr. Muneesh Tewari and his PCF-funded team of investigators are studying the role of microRNA and its connection to cancer. Dr. Tewari believes that microRNA profiles may hold the key to predicting how a tumor will respond to different treatments.
Dr. Tomasz Beer Dr. Tomasz Beer
Dr. Beer, a PCF-funded researcher, has focused his career on finding treatments—and someday a cure—for prostate cancer. Collaborations supported by PCF have greatly accelerated the rate of his progress.
Dr. Peter Nelson Dr. Peter Nelson
When it comes to his research, Dr. Nelson believes in taking risks and striking while the iron is hot. Funding from PCF allows him to do both.
Dr. Hong Wu Dr. Hong Wu
A young PCF-funded researcher exploring new territory, Dr. Wu has made great strides working with the prostate cancer cells that appear to be the key to eradicating cancer from the body.

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