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Faces of Prostate Cancer

My Dying Day

My Dying Day was created by Courtney Sell, a documentary filmmaker whose father was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer and given two months to live. His life extended for seven years, mystifying doctors and inspiring family members and friends. In his final months, Courtney returned home to pitch an idea to his father – live out his remaining time on camera.

The pair began traveling across New England, conducting extensive on-camera interviews with individuals whose lives had been affected by cancer and those whose lives were coming to end in hospice care. One day of filming led the two into a funeral home, where Courtney’s father scheduled a walk-through with a funeral director. “My father was filled with strange excitement but reality had finally begun to sink in while he stood silent over his own grave plot as the summer breeze blew gently through the trees.”

When the film began to screen at film festivals, audience members continuously asked Courtney how his father remained so optimistic and found humor in his last months. Courtney never knew how to answer, and doesn’t to this day. All he can do is show the film to bring awareness and hope to those facing the disease that took his father’s life.

“I am so happy to have the opportunity to present this film to the public, as I feel it could bring comfort, hope, and inspiration to people who may or may not be dealing with a similar situation. The truth of the matter is, that had my father's cancer been detected earlier, this film would have never been made and perhaps for the better. However, because of the opportunity that my father had granted me and the way he taught me to make the best out of such a tough situation, I am forever richer. This film is my way to give back some of what my father has given me, and the fact that it is now available for the world to see, would make him extremely happy and proud. I sincerely hope people can enjoy My Dying Day and it can bring comfort to anyone who may be scared about their future and know there is hope.”

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