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Progress Report: Howard Scher, MD

Principal Investigators: Howard Scher, MD; Charles Sawyers, MD; Neal Rosen, MD, PhD; Steve Larson, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

The Androgen Axis in Prostate Cancer

  • Advanced anti-androgen MDV3100 into Phase III clinical trials and showed that CTC enumeration may predict which patients are benefitting from MDV3100 and which are not.
  • Planned a Phase I trial for a novel anti-androgen ARN509 which in preclinical studies showed increased potency and activity compared to MDV3100 – especially in settings of advanced androgen independent prostate cancer.
  • Established a plan with the FDA to qualify CTC analysis in clinical trials as a surrogate endpoint for survival. This would translate into accelerated drug development because clinical trials wouldn’t have to wait for survival as an endpoint.
  • Developed a new MDV3100 combination therapy with targeted agents against the cancer-promoting ATK-1 signaling pathway.

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