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Researchers’ Work in Prostate Cancer and Exercise Advances

June Chan focuses on early-stage disease

February 1, 2012 -- June Chan, Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics and Urology at the University of California, San Francisco announced at a press conference that vigorous exercise may cause changes in some 180 prostate cancer genes in men with early-stage prostate cancer. This means that exercise may prevent, or delay, disease progression. All patients included in Chan’s survey were participants in active surveillance, opposed to active treatment.

“These initial provocative findings shed light on the mechanisms by which vigorous physical activity may delay or deter prostate cancer progression,” shared Chan. “Understanding such mechanisms not only corroborates our prior findings on the benefits of physical activity for prostate cancer survivors, but also supports the development of novel strategies for prevention, monitoring, and prognostication.”

Chan is a PCF-funded Young Investigator, receiving additional support from the Safeway Foundation. Safeway has provided unrestricted support to Chan, naming her the Steven (Safeway CEO) and Christine Burd-Safeway Distinguished Professor.

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