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Phase III Trial Results for Circulating Tumor Cell Counts and Overall Survival

June 4, 2012 -- The Prostate Cancer Foundation has funded extensive prostate cancer research focused on Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) technology, beginning in 2008 with a grant of $2.25 million, which was made possible by the Charles Evans Foundation and Joel Pashcow. During the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting, researcher Nicholas Vogelzang presented Phase III clinical trial results that assessed docetaxel treated patients with Johnson & Johnson’s CTC technology CellSearch, vs. newer micro-filter technologies. .

Though researchers understand that CTC’s are promising biomarkers in treatment-resistant, metastatic prostate cancer, it has not been validated for docetaxel treatment. In this clinical trial, CellSearch CTC technology was compared with other CTC technologies and assessed for overall survival.

The research team concluded that in the Phase III trial, during days 1 to 21, CTC staging was prognostic of overall survival after risk-factor adjustments.  Results are the largest docetaxel-based prospective cohort to-date, which validates a five CTC prognostic threshold for overall survival—while also identifying new potential prognostic subgroups that may extend the clinical utility of CTC enumeration in treatment-resistant, metastatic prostate cancer.

The research team also included Benjamin Ely, Louis M. Fink, Amir Goldkorn, Catherine M. Tangen, Przemyslaw Twardowski, Peter J. Van Veldhuizen, Neeraj Agarwal, Michael Anthony Carducci, J. P. Monk, Ram H Datar, Mark Garzotto, Philip C. Mack, Primo Lara, Celestia S. Higano, Maha Hussain, David I. Quinn, Richard J Cote and Ian Murchie Thompson.

Read the abstract and more about PCF’s support of CTC technology at Massachusetts General Hospital and with Johnson & Johnson.

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