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Recurrent Prostate Cancer May Be Explained Through Deeper Understanding of Androgen Receptor

November 16, 2012 -- Androgens are male hormones that fuel the growth and spread of prostate cancer. Therefore, Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) is the primary treatment for prostate cancer. Despite this treatment, more than 30 percent of all prostate cancers become treatment-resistant and recur. This cancer recurrence and resistance to therapy has been attributed to the abnormal activity of the Androgen Receptor (AR), which in a normal cell mediates the activity of androgens. Researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the National Cancer Institute found that over time, AR becomes androgen-independent and continues to drive prostate cancer progression even in the absence of androgens. Researchers also found that AR may be activated through a metabolic process—resulting in tumor changes, or growth. Understanding AR’s role in recurrence will provide more effective treatments and therapies for patients with the most advanced disease.

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