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PCF-Funded Investigator to Lead New Institute for Precision Medicine

February 1, 2013 -- Precision medicine is the ultimate goal in treating prostate cancer so we can cure more and overtreat less. In an effort to move personalized care in clinical practice, Weill Cornell Medical College and New York-Presbyterian Hospital have created the Institute for Precision Medicine, coined as a “translational medicine research hub that will explore the new frontier of precision medicine.”

The new center will be led by Dr. Mark Rubin, a long-time friend and supported researcher of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Dr. Rubin is a renowned pathologist and prostate cancer expert who currently serves as vice chair for experimental pathology, director of pathology and laboratory medicine and professor of pathology in urology at Weill Cornell and also a pathologist at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell.

“Dr. Mark Rubin is the perfect person at the perfect time for precision oncology, research and reduction to practice at Weill Cornell Cancer Center and an integral leader in the changing the landscape of prostate cancer. Dr. Rubin is helping to replace a one-size-fits-all approach to prostate cancer treatment with individualized and tailored care,” said Dr. Jonathan W. Simons, President and CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. “Under Dr. Rubin’s leadership and direction, this new institution will better address the specific needs of each patient by designing treatment plans that are based on each patient’s disease. This will pave the way for making informed treatment decisions that are optimized for each individual in ways that will improve outcomes and survivorship for thousands of patients.”

Dr. Mark Rubin is a principal investigator for a 2011 PCF Challenge Award and a co-investigator for the 2012 Movember-PCF Challenge Award, as well as a mentor to PCF-funded Young Investigator Dr. Himisha Beltran. Dr. Rubin also played an active role in identifying both the TMPRSS2-ERG and SPOP genetic mutations. And, most notably, Dr. Rubin is a principal investigator for the “Precision Therapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer” Dream Team, a collaboration between PCF and Stand Up 2 Cancer. The Dream Team, announced in 2012, is comprised of multi-disciplinary group of experts that includes laboratory and clinical researchers, young investigators and senior scientists who have not worked together in the past, as well as patient advocates. The Dream Team initiative aims to capture a molecular snapshot of a patient’s cancer and incorporate this information into the clinical trials. It will also enable a framework that will facilitate progress toward a personalized approach for evaluating new drugs and treating patients with prostate cancer.

Learn more about Dr. Rubin’s role in the PCF and Stand Up to Cancer Dream Team. And, learn more about Dr. Rubin’s role in personalized medicine.

Update: read how Dr. Beltran’s work is making personalized gene mapping less cumbersome and less expensive.

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