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The Safeway Foundation and The Prostate Cancer Foundation Partner to Fight Cancer

"It Starts With a Wish, It Can End With a Cure."

"It Starts With a Wish,
It Can End With a Cure."
Help Support Research for Cures.

Since 2001, Safeway, Inc. and The Safeway Foundation have raised over $75 million which has funded groundbreaking and lifesaving research through the Prostate Cancer Foundation.


A sample of the research Safeway has supported:

  • A new advance in early detection has been funded by The Safeway Foundation – a urine test to detect a mutation in DNA found only in prostate cancer cells. This test improves the usefulness of the PSA test and increases doctors’ ability to differentiate high-risk tumors from low-risk tumors. Together with a PSA test and a checkup, this test will help doctors determine who has prostate cancer and thus save patients from undergoing unnecessary biopsies. This test will soon be available nationwide.

  • Thanks to Safeway funding, in 2013 we now have the roadmap to test the idea that oncologists can prevent 6,000-7,000 US prostate cancer deaths using newly FDA-approved drugs (Zytigia and Xtandi) prior to surgery as neoadjuvant therapy.

  • In just 3 years, 4 new prostate cancer drugs were approved by the FDA. Eight new drugs are currently in trials due to Safeway support.

  • Safeway funding also helped bring to market another urine test this year. That test, Oncotype DX Prostate Cancer, may spare tens of thousands of men from unnecessary treatment by better gauging the aggressiveness of prostate cancer.
  • Thank you Safeway, for your generous commitment to PCF and our mission to cure prostate cancer

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