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With FDA-approval of Xofigo, many men with advanced prostate cancer can expect improved quality of life (Video)

June 24, 2013 -- This spring, as we’ve reported, another new drug in the arsenal against prostate cancer came to market. Xofigo, or radium-223 (formerly known as Alpharadin) not only extends survival for men with advanced metastatic prostate cancer, but allows men to have improved quality of life during that time. Some of those quality-of-life benefits include:

  • Less pain medication required to control symptoms from bone pain caused by their cancer—36% of men who received Xofigo required opioid drugs, such as morphine, for relief of their metastatic bone pain, compared to 50% of men who did not get the drug. Less use of opioid pain medications means fewer side effects from these drugs; common opiod side effects include severe constipation, and drowsiness that can limit men’s ability to drive or work.
  • More time free from the debilitating complications that can occur when tumors form in bones, as often happens in advanced stages of prostate cancer. (About 90% of men with metastatic treatment-resistant prostate cancer have bone tumors.) Complications delayed: bone fractures or spinal cord compression caused by cancer that has spread to the spinal cord region of their body.
  • In fact, men who received Xofigo halved their risk of spinal cord compression which can cause paralysis, severe pain, and incontinence.
  • Men given Xofigo reported greater satisfaction with the quality of their life.

Listen as Doctors Discuss Xofigo in greater detail

In this short video, hear Dr. Daniel J. George, MD, the director of GU Oncology at the Duke Cancer Institute, speak about which patients and at what stage of their disease Xofigo may be best incorporated into their treatment plan.



Prostate Cancer Foundation reporting on coming to market of Xofigo

Prior to FDA approval, the Prostate Cancer Foundation reported on Xofigo (Radium-223) this spring from GU ASCO. Go to Page 3 to learn more about how the drug works and the clinical work that lead to its FDA approval.

For the Health Care Provider or the seriously curious

For those who would like to learn about the mechanism of action for Xofigo, this video of Prostate Cancer Foundation researcher Drs. Howard Scher and Johann de Bono goes into detail about how the drug works, how doctors can track its benefit to individual men, and what drug combinations may work in the future. Note: this video is geared to the health care professional.

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