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2021 Patient Guide Update Notes

As part of PCF’s commitment to deliver the most cutting-edge prostate cancer research directly into the hands of patients, we have done a comprehensive review and update of the Prostate Cancer Patient Guide.

This new version is available in print as well as a pdf download. Along with the update listed below, we have pdfs on these special topics:

  • Your Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic – updated
  • Patients Aged 50 and Younger – new
  • Gay/Bisexual Men and Trans Women – new

These 3 pdfs can be downloaded here.

What is New in the Prostate Cancer Patient Guide?

1. Updated worksheets and infographics:

  • New infographic of common diagnosis and treatment pathways (page 24)
  • Revised worksheet on local/locally advanced prostate cancer (page 41)
  • New worksheet on taking care of yourself during cancer (page 42)
  • New infographic of treatment options for every stage of prostate cancer and glossary of terms (page 46)
  • New considerations in choice of treatment for localized disease and link to perspective from our lead editor, Dr. Dan Spratt (page 51)

2. Additional details on treatment for locally recurrent disease (page 65)

3. Any easier-to-follow chapter on advanced and metastatic prostate cancer treatment, including new information about:

  • Metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (page 66)
  • Understanding the “Standard of Care” (page 67)
  • Commonly used medications (page 68)

4.  Practice changes, including:

  • Use of the Decipher® test to guide decisions about further treatment post-surgery (page 38)
  • PSMA PET imaging (special section on page 62)
  • A new, oral form of ADT, relugolix (page 68)
  • 2 PARP inhibitors (page 75)

5. Expanded definitions of types of testing used in the care of patients with prostate cancer and their families (genetic testing for inherited mutations and biomarker testing) (pages 83 and 94)

6. Updates to Lifestyle Changes checklist (page 96)

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