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Antoon C.
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My wife Jos, has been with me through my whole cancer trial and trail. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005 after two biopsies showed nothing although PSA was 17 and then 19 at age 58….. so Dr Frans van Wijk, Urologist in Pretoria straight away when I consulted him said this will be a total prostatectomy … as he with lab/sampled proof discovered I had the prostate cancer that grows on the outside of the prostate and gave my progression a score of 7 out of 8. Operation went well and was put on Ciproterone esterase until he felt it better to migrate to Zoladex in 2016. At no stage were we worried or in any mental stress as my PSA counts remained in spectrum 0.1 – 3.2 max. At no stage did Jos stress about the fact that I was a prostate cancer patient.

In 2018 and again in 2019 I broke a vertebra … in 2019 they also discovered that tumors had developed on these two vertebrae and I went through a set of 10 paliative radiation treatments ……. all is still well!

But on 13 March 2020 … 3 days before Lockdown in South Africa I broke my thy when I put on a sock….. after surgery the oncologist Dr Naomi du Toit at Cancer care Vergelegen Mediclinic suggested I go for a full body scan ………. and presto Multple myeloma and Chronic leukemia were identified..

WOW….. Jos attended the discussions with the specialists and said “fine we will take things as they come and overcome them” I has undergone 6 months of CyBorD chemotherapy …….. cancer counts are down to 5% of the initial counts and now after a 3 month break … counts are still “down there” and I have started a 6 months maintenance stint on Lenalidomide. all the time …these 9 months with my physical powers are down Jos has pulled me through and assisted with body hygiene, superb meal variations and driving the car when I needed to attend medical treatments … do banking etc. She really lived up to the promise she made 47 years ago on 5 Oct1974 ….”for better or worse” so grateful also to our daughter who also pushed both of us when we needed a push … which was seldom as we have been experiencing the Hand of God in my current life deviation……..

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