Ashley M.

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About Ashley M.

My dad was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer 3 years ago. Through radiation and a year of chemo, my mom was there. She couldn’t even go into the hospital with him once the pandemic hit, so she’d just sit and wait in the car for hours, so he’d have company on the drive to the hospital and back home.

Six weeks ago he went into the ER and we found out the devastating news that his cancer is terminal and we have a limited time with him.

Every day for six weeks my mom has spent every moment she’s allowed in the hospital caring for him. Changing him. Watching him sleep. And making sure he’s receiving the care he needs. She’s been with him from 8AM to 6PM every day. And as soon as she comes home, tries to prep the house so they’ll let him come home and spend his last days with us.

Because of Covid, my brother and I can’t help in his care. She begged the nurses to let us see him, and very generously they agreed. My brother and I get to switch off visiting him for an hour every other day.

My mom has spent every day for the last 3 years fighting along side him, caring for him at all times, making sure he isn’t in this alone.

My parents have been married 39 years, together for even longer. Every doctor and nurse asks her how long they’ve been married, and how impressed they are at how well she cares for him.

I know she’s exhausted, but I also know that wild horses couldn’t tear her away from him right now. Soaking in every last second she has with him, and making sure he’s as well cared for as possible.

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