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David Nanus, MD
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PSMA-based Microfluidics-Capture of Circulating Prostate Cancer Cells: Study of Microtubule-driven Androgen Receptor Signaling, Gene Fusion, and Gene Expression Profiles with Correlation to Clinical Response to Taxane Therapy—New Capture Technology for Circulating Tumor Cells Supported by PCF-Funding May Prove Useful in Identifying Patients Most Likely to Benefit from Taxotere.
This project combines, for the first time, an advanced system to capture circulating prostate cancer cells from whole blood with the discovery of a set of biomarkers that may predict sensitivity to Taxotere. While clinical investigations have already shown that Taxotere prolongs survival for advanced prostate cancer patients, this new biotechnology with “liquid biopsies containing circulating prostate cancer cells” could predict which individuals are most likely to respond to this therapy while sparing many from unnecessary side effects.

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