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My husband was just diagnosed with prostate cancer with a high Gleason score. He is in good general heath, non smoker. He just turned 65 this year. He is scheduled for surgery in 5 days. The doctor said with a high Gleason score, surgery was his best option. He is having the Davinci procedure via robot. We had decided together to tell our children. They all supported us the two boys were very practical in their approach to questions. Our daughter however took it very hard. She is a 26 year old newly married, high school special education teacher/sailing coach. Her response was shocking and she immediately went to do her research . What she came up with in the short time since we discovered the cancer has changed us all dramatically. We are now a family of Plant based eaters! The research done on food additives and chemicals is shocking. The good news is, this diagnosis has made us all more aware of what we put into our bodies. The next step is a scary one. Waiting for the surgery date to arrive is what my husband describes as “ waiting to get hit by a truck…. a very large sloooow truck” 😢 I will become a caregiver I suppose , I hope to be a good one. We have been married for 37 years, have 3 grown , all college graduates, newly married wonderful loving children. Our baby is a Marine at Camp Pendleton, when he heard our news he had to report it to his commander, and came back with “I can take 2 weeks leave when you need me”. I know this was not what you were looking for exactly, but I have seen this ad three times now on my feed and felt compelled to exercise my big thumbs and send you this message via my phone as I sit and wait for the final doctor appointment with my husband. He should be cleared for the surgery after this chest X-ray.

I have always enjoyed keeping up with you and Dax and your lives via social media and television. You two look like you really have a strong bond!!
I will report back after surgery next week to talk about our next chapter in life. I think it should be called “the day the shit (cancer) found my name.”

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