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Doug Maddox: Survivor

There is no status quo when you live with cancer.   Doug Maddox, a U.S. Army Veteran who served in the Vietnam War, understands this quite well.  He has been..Read More


A Powerful Advocate

It’s good to have friends in high places, and men with prostate cancer have a knowledgeable and powerful advocate working for them:  Karen Knudsen, Ph.D., M.B.A., a PCF-funded investigator..Read More


Prostate Cancer Survivorship, Part 1

            Survivor.  What does that word bring to mind?  (Besides, of course, the name of the rock band whose song, “Eye of the Tiger,” went double-platinum in 1982 and..Read More


You’ve Got Prostate Cancer. Now What? Read This First.

You’ve had the PSA test – or more likely, several of them – plus the digital rectal exam, and one or both of these suggested that you needed a..Read More


Prostate Cancer Survivorship, Part 2

Matters of Survivorship: Sexual Health If you’re dealing with prostate cancer – the disease itself, or the aftermath of treatment – then you are dealing with issues of survivorship, says..Read More


Prostate Cancer Survivorship, Part 3

Matters of Survivorship:  Fighting Back on ADT ADT will try to affect your overall health, but here’s the good news:  you can fight back, says PCF-funded medical oncologist Alicia Morgans,..Read More


Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Don’t Accept Complacency!

“This is all we can do” is a phrase no cancer patient wants to hear, especially someone with metastatic disease.  Medical oncologist and PCF-funded investigator Andrew Armstrong, M.D., M.Sc.,..Read More


When Prostate Cancer Is Not the Only Challenge

Prostate cancer is not a cookie-cutter disease; it’s different in every man because of distinct genetic, immune, and environmental factors.   But it’s even more complicated than we knew, and..Read More


Nurse with a Mission: Grace Cullen, DNP

Meet Grace Cullen, DNP, a nurse practitioner at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit.  Her specialty is oncology and palliative care, and her patients are Veterans..Read More


DIY Home Fitness: Work with What You Have, Start Small, and Do Great Things

Many people start an exercise program with the idea, “Go big or go home.”  They set overambitious goals, or start out trying to do too much, too fast, and..Read More