Johann S. de Bono

Johann S. de Bono
About Johann S. de Bono

This talented team of scientists who have played key roles in the development of two very effective anti-prostate cancer medications, abiraterone and cabazitaxel, have come together to study the root cause of metastatic treatment-resistant prostate cancer, namely, the dysregulation of the Androgen Receptor (AR) signaling pathway. Understanding the aberrations in pathways will help answer why and how patients develop resistance to currently available therapeutics. The team’s studies in patient tumor samples will also identify specific biomarkers of the disease that can be used for monitoring the spread of cancer in metastatic patients. These findings have implications in personalizing medicine for patients of metastatic treatment-resistant prostate cancer.
Potential patient benefit: Understanding the mechanisms by which tumors develop resistance to currently available medications is essential for the design and development of newer therapies, as well as enhancing the efficacy of the currently available treatments. These studies by Dr. de Bono and colleagues are a major step in one day being able to deliver highly-personalized treatments for individuals.

Johann S. de Bono, MD, PhD –

The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden Hospital Identification, Characterization and Validation of Novel Inhibitors of the AR N-Terminus


Gerhardt Attard, MD, PhD; Jun Luo, PhD; Michael Carducci, MD; Mario Eisenberger, MD; Peter Campbell, PhD