John P.

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About John P.

I would be lost without my daughter-in-law, Karla, who took over taking care of me when my wife died of brain cancer on August 17, 2017. She took over my finances, making doctor apts, keeping up with my medication and taking care of my 96 year old mother
In November, 2021, I was diagnosed with stage 3 prostrate cancer. I cannot drive because I suffer from PTSD and tremors so Karla took me to my appointments, giving me enames, making apts. staying with me twice in the ER for 14 and 12 hours , holding my hand when I was told about the cancer and listens when I need someone to talk to. She has her own family to take care of but always find time to help us out.
I am starting my 3rd week of radiation treatment and when I ring that bell she is going to be there with me. She is a very special person and I love her very much. God bless her

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