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Our story does not start with prostate cancer. A year ago, she had noticed my discomfort when urinating and it was determined that we should seek medical help to verify that there was no major problem. We had a more than perfect sex life and we were determined that we should continue like this. This was a very difficult time for me economically so we sought some medical opinions in my home country, which already had a cost of travel and exams. But Esther only thought about my health and getting rid of the doubt, even when insurance would be a nuisance.
3 months later, she was more frightened of PSA levels. She didn’t want to stay still until we traveled and sought another opinion. My health began to deteriorate and I could not work full time, but for her the priority was to be calm and remove doubts. The cost that she covered became of minor importance even if she stopped covering her own needs.

Life had prepared us not just for one, but two big surprises. In the month of January 2019, Esther was diagnosed with cancer in the colon and she immediately needed an extraction surgery for part of the colon. During her recovery, she looked so close to death, but she worried more about what would happen to me if she were missing and prayed to God more for my health than for her own cancer.

The cancer went into remission months later. That brief period of tranquility did not last long. The biopsy performed here in Miami did not give us time to recover and think about Esther’s pain or fears. The bad news was that of 12 samples taken, in, eleven, my prostate had gone out with cancer. There was no other option possible except total prostate surgery, and with it, our passionate and intense sexual world was about to collapse irremediably.
We received the news and she saw me cry on her shoulder. Esther heard me curse and deny life, listened to me and let me know that nothing would change, neither our love nor our intense passion. From her pain, her discomfort from her cancer, nothing I knew again. She put a blanket over it and my recovery was her own recovery for the second time.

I entered a period of denial. I did not want to know or think about surgery. I discarded it from my possibilities, but for a month Esther waited for me to change my mind. She promised that our life would be the same and with her help, my recovery will be faster in all aspects. Before surgery, I talked to doctors and nurses. I took away the worries of costs and payments so that my well-being was optimal. Without my knowing, she paid additionally for a special treatment of stem cells, all to speed up my recovery and our normal life.
After the surgery, Esther slept and treated me in the hospital. My urine catheter was a minor problem, but even less with the help she gave me. Night after night 3 times a day, she cleaned and emptied the probe, cleaned my wounds and attended my needs. She was my cane for the bathroom and my greatest encouragement. Before leaving for work she left everything ready for a comfortable day, and whoever accompanied me was ready for any of my needs. Upon returning, I only had care and attention, and for this reason I did not have the slightest problem of any kind in my recovery.
We far exceeded expectations. My cancer did not invade any organ and we could celebrate 3 months later with new exams.
She set herself a goal and went step by step so that my recovery in the sexual aspect was quick and effective, because she knew that my mental health always depended on it. She made me feel like the most potent of men and never diminished my abilities… even though I knew she was lying a little.

Today I only have words of love and thanks for all her pain, suffering and company. You can see how important she was for my life, in this hard process. Without her, nothing would have been the same. I will never be able to repay her and I know that she does not need my thanks, but this is a great opportunity for more people to know the great woman I had at my side.
Jorge Lozano


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