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It’s been a full year since my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. He’s had a series of chemotherapy and will start radiation soon to slow the spread in his bones. He has already come to terms with God and is ready whenever the time comes. My mom has been there by his side making sure to ask questions and to force my dad to make appointments or be honest about his pain level. My dad doesn’t want to be anyone’s burden… and he’s not. My mother follows up with doctors, reminds him to take his meds and fills my brother’s and I in along the way. Vacations that may have been cancelled were not because my parents know every second of quality time is worth it. The nights spent worrying about my dad are endless for my mother. She’s been intentional about making time for friends and working so she has something to fill her life for the inevitable day he will no longer be with us. She’s a true warrior and I am so proud of both of my parents. Cancer sucks bad… To stay strong and positive through the process is HARD. Especially when it seems like treatments aren’t effective. I would be honored if my mother was chosen as a leading example of caring for someone with prostate cancer.


Julie Prata


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