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About Linda F.

As a cancer survivor myself, I saw the light dim a little in my husband’s eyes when handed his prostate cancer diagnosis. In addition, we were moving to a different state, a new set of doctors, then Covid hit. His treatments were to begin the day we went into lockdown, with no clue as to how long he would need to wait. While we talked a lot about what to do, but I was sure he was not telling me his deepest concerns, He found he was getting weaker doing things he regularly did, like yard work, exercise and storing our newly-unpacked flotsam into our new house. He dangerously lost weight during the 6 weeks while we waited for his treatments to begin. I accompanied him daily for the 80 mile round trip to the treatment center, although due to Covid, I could not be with him. I tried to make high calorie meals with the dietitian’s advice and eventually, after treatments, his weight gradually returned to normal range. Each week, I bought him a dress bouquet of flowers. For those going through cancer treatments, I started DAM Hankies (Do A Miracle):. I get a hankie or bandana, trace my hand on it ( or any cancer survivor’s hand), an encouraging saying so the client can carry that hankie into the treatment and have a hand to hold. It was my husband’s most treasured item during his 6 week treatments and carried it proudly every day. DAM Hankies do a miracle for sure, as his PSA numbers have returned to normal.

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