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Hello, everyone the person I like to speak on in regard to being my caregiver is my wonderful spouse of 40 years.. Taking care of me since my prostate cancer robotic stage 4, and also having radiation therapy 39 times. Also living with other chronic conditions she is always there driving me, making sure I take my meds and cooking all my meals without any complaint on her behalf. We haven’t had the most normal life around moving from place to place and still manage to raise three wonderful adult children all college educated and her being the rock of the family. On fixed income worked three jobs among us, with me getting sick in 1996 coming down aids, throdity cancer, cancer pain in my bones. She never complained about getting gifts, going on vacations or getting diamonds from me through all our 40 years together. Stuck by me. I being American Puerto Rican Raise in the Big Apple her being Italian American and her family at first being against the marriage.

This is why i am writing to pcf, after me hitting 60 years young , ex-vet union delegate, father, husband, and now grandpa, and her being there for all of us thick and thin . I would not survive without her kindness, love, respect, emotional, love that she has given all of us . Thank You Louis Romero Sr @NYC.

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