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My story…my husband was diagnosed at the age of 50, he had no systems at all was healthy and full of life. His doctor sent him for a routine PSA test , it came back with the devastating news ‘you have prostrate cancer’. We were devastated, our world completely changed that minute. Barry and I started dating in high school, we were high school sweethearts – he was captain of the football team and I was a cheerleader (cheesy) we were married at age 20. Married for 35 years! We had 2 beautiful daughters, now married with 2 children each. It breaks my heart my husband is not here to see how his family has evolved .. my granddaughter asked me “could Grandpa Barry come back alive, he would really love us”. 🙁

Barry fought the fight for 6 years, I was by his side every single day. I took him to all his treatments, appointments.. even went to work with him! He was a plumbing and heating contractor – yes I even helped him fix leaks!

Barry was put in hospice for a brief time, his hospice nurse never could get a read on him, he had such a big personality, was full of life – she had no idea how sick he really was he never let it show. The last night ..he was taken to the hospice hospital to regulate his breathing , I followed the ambulance was with him until he told me to go home get some rest and come back in the morning to get me. Sadly during the night he passed… I will never ever ever ever forgive myself for leaving him that night. Breaks my heart he was alone .

Barry was a very big part of our small town community, he was very involved in the local fire company. He owned a plumbing and heating business for 35 years. His family and friends will miss him forever! His motto was “It is what it is” – that’s how he lived his life!!

I love you Barry forever !!

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