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True Love, that would describe us to a tee! We 1st met in April 1985 and were married in September. It was so true that his ex-girlfriend was the maid of honor and my ex-boyfriend gave me away, lol. Everyone thought it True Love.

Fast forward to around 2015 and a diagnosis of dementia for my husband. I have been his care-giver increasingly as time passes and there are more challenges.

Late last year, he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer scored 8 out of 10 but no spread that could be detected. We have started that treatment journey together and hope to control the cancer more years than he has left to him at 72. Quality of life is the most important thing for me to concentrate on for him. He can’t really view the “whole picture” and mostly doesn’t remember that he has cancer. I don’t withhold anything from him, but I also don’t remind him. Who would have thought that dementia could be a blessing in any circumstance.

For other caregivers out there, please reach out to support that is available. I have been attending a support group twice a month for a couple of years and the benefit has been immeasurable. Not feeling alone and learning new strategies for the challenges is priceless. 35 years married and still True Love

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