Maria E.

Maria E.
About Maria E.

We are a family from Guatemala, my parents live in the states legally since 1987. My dad is 81 and mom is 65. Two years ago my dad was diagnosed stage IV prostate cancer with metastasis in bones. The journey has been tough, my parents wish before the diagnosis was to live their retirement in Guatemala.

Just when they had planned everything came the news of my dads health.

My mom does everything to support him, even though it has been very tough for her to handle all what it involves the disease.

I am very grateful to my mom, she doesn’t have any support with him, I live in Guatemala and remotely support her with what I am able. They don’t speak English, but she figures it out to take him to every appointment and be my arms, feet, ears etc.

I would like to thank my mom for everything she does for him. She is now sick of her vocal cords and recently diagnosed of a thyroid nodule. She puts Herself for last.

Thank you mom we love you!

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