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I have to preface this as a funny story – maybe not one that deserves highlighting but one that is worth mentioning for sure. My dad is a survivor of colorectal cancer and currently has prostate cancer- he’s actually had the prostate cancer for some time now. It’s very slow moving and what we were told most men over 65 have. After surgery and chemo for his colorectal cancer my dad really did not want to go through the pains that chemo brought him and looked to his doctors for alternatives for treatments for his prostate cancer. With his case they recommended a shot or series of shots to slow the cancer and avoid more aggressive treatments. Well the shot gave him menopause like symptoms including hot flashes. Every time he would freak out and when my mom tried to coach him through it by telling him what she does – he would tell her she didn’t understand. She was like – “what do you think I’ve been going through?!” Basically they went through the change together.

My mom is an amazing caretaker to my dad – as a cancer survivor and just as a man that needs his wife. He so appreciates (maybe not always as much as she would like but that’s human) her and I love that they always find the humor in less than wonderful situations.

In all seriousness though, I’m incredibly thankful for the optimistic prognosis my dad has lived with for a few years now. After surviving one cancer, having another was very scary and we are very appreciative for the advances in science that allow him to keep this one at bay. Thank you to the prostate foundation for all that you do and to Kristen and Dax for highlighting a foundation that does so much good for those that need it.

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