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In case the previous note was not transmitted about my wife Marie as a caregiver (to me / prostate cancer) , she is a star with caregiving per se, and a great Mom also .
The following is for those who have lost their Moms to cancer, on this St. Valentine’s Day 2019 :
MOMS P J Gammarano

Moms know the truth, seem to know when you lie.
Like birds from the nest, helped teach us to fly.
Moms know you from before you were born;
moms bring more than the clothes that you’ve worn.
Moms were the ones to whom we would run;
moms are the ones as the source of much fun.

We hold them dear from year to year,
whether alive or in memory as spirit;
our love for them, they should always hear it.
For when they pass they’ve passed us much;
they’ve passed to us a spirit, a love and such.

They’ve liked your likes, they’ve cried your tears;
they’d always seem to know your inner fears.
The examples they’ve set, to get you better yet;
the bad times they’d always seem to help you forget.

They’re ours to cherish, ours in life to love;
but when they surrender one day to God above,
they leave behind for us a spirit in kind…
…they’ve shaped our thinking, shaped our mind.
Moms leave us with inner vision, and not to be blind.

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