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Not sure why I am writing this except to say that my wife, Susan, was a hero to me! Susan lived in CA and I in PA and we met online. After a long-distance relationship of 4 years, Susan moved to PA. Three months later, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. It was “our” battle! I attended every doctor’s visit, every chemo treatment, stayed with her at the hospital for her surgery, took her to her 33 radiation treatments, and luckily Susan won the battle. We were married on Valentine’s Day right after she was diagnosed. Susan was fine for 8 years till she was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal lung cancer and given two years to live. Again, I went with her to every doctor’s appointment, every chemo treatment and every radiation treatment. She was in the hospital for IV fluids when she suffered a massive stroke which took away her ability to speak and her left side paralyzed. I never left her side while at the hospital. A few days later, brought her home with hospice and I sat and held her hand during her last week. Susan passed a week later just a month shy of our 10th wedding anniversary and was buried on what would have been her 69th birthday. Three years later, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, a journey I have had to undergo alone. Considered to be at high risk for surgery, I was given ADT therapy and radiation. When I get down and depressed, I think of Susan and what she had to undergo, and she somehow lifts me up even in death. I believe she is with me on this journey. She has been and continues to be my hero!!!

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