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Steve W.
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My Dad has recently been diagnosed, but thankfully it hasn’t spread to his lymph nodes or bones. So he will have surgery to remove his prostate in March. This has been a rough time for my family, understandably. I’m 30 years old, and I am a survivor of 2.5 years from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. So I have been on both sides of a diagnosis. When I was diagnosed, I silently hoped that because I was going through it, hopefully none of my other family members would have to endure the same pain and suffering I did.
I am thankful that my Dad is going to be okay, and that it is treatable. But hearing those words was just as difficult as hearing them a few years ago. My parents are retired, so they live with me and my husband half the year, and during the summer they go to Idaho and stay in a camper to get away from the Texas heat. I am not his main care giver, my Mom definitely is. But I will do what I can to take the load off for her. I’m praying there is not much more pain and suffering to come for my Daddy. He is the best man I’ve ever known.

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