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Prostate Cancer Survivors: What Advice Would You Give the Newly Diagnosed?

The best advice about prostate cancer from the men & families who’ve already gone through it. Recently, we asked the members of our private Prostate Cancer Survivors Facebook group what..Read More


Prostate Cancer Superheroes

Radiation Oncologist Dan Spratt Discusses the Likeness of Physicians and Superheroes Dan Spratt has taken an odd route on his way to becoming a doctor. Growing up in Eugene, Oregon,..Read More


Why Your Donations Create So Much More

When you donate to PCF, it goes a lot farther than it does elsewhere. The Prostate Cancer Foundation was started by someone who actually suffered from prostate cancer. After finding..Read More


Prostate Cancer and Depression

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be devastating and terrifying. Not just to the man who receives the results, but to the family and friends around him. The word “cancer”..Read More


Benefits of Yoga on Prostate Cancer Patients

A recent study suggests that men who are suffering from the side effects of prostate cancer radiation therapy treatment might want to consider taking up a yoga class. The study..Read More


Study Finds Vasectomies Not Associated With Prostate Cancer

A recent study reports that men considering a vasectomy should not be concerned that the procedure will increase their risk of prostate cancer, researchers say.  Having a vasectomy was..Read More


New Study Shows Coffee Health Benefits

Two new studies have found that drinking more coffee each day could lead to a longer life. The studies, one in the U.S. and one in Europe, and published in..Read More