Tim H.

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About Tim H.

After being divorced for 11 years and more first dates than I care to think about, in January of 2020, I finally found the woman I had been waiting for.
We had only been dating for 6 weeks or so, when I learned my that my PSA was 266! As you can imagine, it was a shock.
Not knowing what my treatment outcomes would be or what a roller-coaster I was going to be on, I suggested to her that she should back out of our burgeoning relationship before the cancer caused things to go south. She thought that was a dumb suggestion and has since gone with me through all my MD consultations and decisions around treatment options. She has been with me every step of the way when she could have easily run.
Now two years later, we are getting married in 8 weeks. And she still continues to be involved in all the steps on this crazy cancer journey. I feel very blessed even with this diagnosis.

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