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Challenge Awards are Here!

At PCF our number one goal is to stop all men from dying of prostate cancer. It is a simple goal with very complex solutions, and we rely on hundreds...Read More

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PCF and New PSA Featured on TODAY

https://vimeo.com/731174331/f9979866a5 Look ma, we’re on TV! This Friday, January 25th, 2019, PCF was featured on TODAY. Why you ask? Well, it’s not just because we are the world’s leading prostate...Read More


How the Prostate Cancer Foundation Changed the Culture of Prostate Cancer Research

https://vimeo.com/732575721/96d8a2ea00 Before PCF, outlook for patients was bleak Less than 30 years ago, the total amount funding into prostate cancer research was less than $30 million a year. “So, in...Read More


PCF’S Impact Across All Cancers

https://vimeo.com/738603588/faca9f8dfa Supporting prostate cancer research means supporting all cancer research Since the Prostate Cancer Foundation began funding prostate cancer research 25 years ago, many discoveries about the disease have been...Read More


Jeff Perlman: Take a More Active Approach to Prostate Cancer Health

Jeff Perlman is a PR exec in Southern California. He’s 58, very funny, smart and humble. There is a saying that he likes to repeat over and over again: If...Read More