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Donate a Photo, Help Fund Research

SPECIAL OFFER: On February 29, Leap Day, users can donate up to 10 photos to benefit their favorite cause!  This means you can earn PCF a $10 donation by uploading...Read More


Best Practices for Staying in Remission After Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Dr. Dan Spratt discusses the best practices for staying in remission after treatment for prostate cancer.Read More


Why Are So Many People Misinterpreting the ACS Prostate Cancer Data?

Since the American Cancer Society (ACS) released their annual Cancer Facts & Figures report for 2020, there’s been a lot of commentary on the internet about prostate cancer death rates....Read More

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How To Support a Loved One with Prostate Cancer

Dr. Dan Spratt discusses how to support a loved one with prostate cancer.Read More


How To Get Genetic Counseling and Testing

If you or someone in your family has been treated for prostate cancer, your family’s urologist or oncologist may have a recommendation for a local genetic counselor and testing center....Read More


What is HIFU?

PCF-funded researcher Dr. Dan Spratt explains what HIFU is.Read More