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31 Foods to Keep Your Eating on Track in October

As we learned last month from all the powerful, beautiful, healthy images posted in our Eat It To Beat It Challenge Group, there aren’t just 30 healthy foods you can...Read More

Whats cooking this week 27-30

What’s cooking this week? Sept 27-30

This week’s grocery list includes: Banana Cabbage Oats Pumpkin Seeds Here’s a list of some recipes that feature these ingredients: Kick start your morning with these Banana Bread Overnight Oats!...Read More

Eating seasonally

Eating Seasonally for Good Health

Although it might not seem this way in today’s global food economy, certain foods have certain growing seasons. Tomatoes love summer heat, winter squash take a while to mature and...Read More

steamed vegies

Vegetables: Cooked or Raw?

You’ve heard it your whole life: Eat your veggies. From your childhood dinner table to the latest fad diets, the health of veggies has never been in question.  And for...Read More


PCF’s Eat It To Beat It Challenge was featured on PIX!

PCF was featured on PIX! You can check out the feature here. If you’re interested in any of the gorgeous recipes shown in this spot, we’ve reprinted them below!  ...Read More

nightshade featured image

Nightshade Foods

Have you ever heard that some foods are considered nightshades? The term nightshade refers to the Solanaceae family of plants, a diverse array of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Nightshades all...Read More

sugar featured image

Sugar/Sugar Substitutes

Many people have questions about alternatives to “regular” sugar/table sugar/white sugar. This is not without cause – scientists are increasingly realizing that excessive sugar intake can play a role in...Read More

grains featured image

Grains: Going Beyond White Flour

When it comes to grains there are a lot of strong feelings. Are grains good or bad for your health? Is gluten the enemy? The answer is: it depends.* In...Read More

robynn chutkan featured image

Eating Your Veggies: As Easy As 1-2-3

In her book The Microbiome Solution, gastroenterologist, author, and PCF friend Dr. Robynne Chutkan talks about the relationship between your gut microbiome – that is, the collection of all bacteria...Read More

What’s cooking this week? Sept 20-26 featured image

What’s cooking this week? Sept 20-26

This week’s grocery list includes: Brussels Sprouts Acorn Squash Bean Sprouts Barley Shiitake Mushrooms Tempeh Black Beans Here’s a list of some recipes that feature these ingredients: Start with an...Read More