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Spring is in the Air! And so is PCF’s new 100 Miles in March challenge.

To quote George Harrison, “It’s been a long cold lonely winter.” It’s time for a change. Lace up those shoes and let’s get outside and see the sun. Walking and...Read More


The Benefits of Fish

Fish, especially salmon and other dark-meat fish, is anti-inflammatory. What’s the problem with inflammation? It’s a good thing when you see local inflammation, like swelling around a paper cut: immune...Read More


A New Way to Detect Prostate Cancer…..Inspired by Man’s Best Friend

Dogs can serve as guides for people who are blind, support individuals with autism, and “smell” changes in blood sugar, warning a person with diabetes that they need to take...Read More


Science Continues to Unfold Around ADT, Prostate Cancer, and COVID-19

Last May, we reported on a study from Italy showing that men with prostate cancer were who were taking androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) were 4 times less likely to be...Read More