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Screening and Family Risk

Get screened Prostate cancer screening starts with a simple blood test, called a PSA test. PSA stands for prostate specific antigen. When should you be screened? It depends on a few risk factors. Start to talk with your doctor about prostate cancer screening when you are age 40 if you. Read More

Jerk Kebabs

Download the recipe card Jerk Kebabs Recipe courtesy of Beth Ginsberg Number of servings: 8 Prep time: 30 minutes (plus marinating time) Cook time: 10 minutes Safety Note: Habanero peppers are extremely hot. Be careful when handling them not to touch your eyes or other sensitive areas. Ingredients: Jerk Marinade. Read More


Targeting PSMA: Making it Happen (Part 2)

PCF-funded investigator Neil Bander, M.D., Director of Urological Oncology Research at Weill Cornell and a pioneer in the study of PSMA, saw the potential of targeting PSMA, a molecule that sits on the surface of prostate cancer cells, soon after it was discovered more than 30 years ago.  His PCF-funded. Read More


Prostate Cancer Survivorship, Part 2

Matters of Survivorship: Sexual Health If you’re dealing with prostate cancer – the disease itself, or the aftermath of treatment – then you are dealing with issues of survivorship, says PCF-funded medical oncologist Alicia Morgans, M.D., M.P.H., soon to become the new Medical Director of Cancer Survivorship at Dana Farber.. Read More


Prostate Cancer Survivorship, Part 3

Matters of Survivorship:  Fighting Back on ADT ADT will try to affect your overall health, but here’s the good news:  you can fight back, says PCF-funded medical oncologist Alicia Morgans, M.D., M.P.H., soon to be Medical Director of Cancer Survivorship at Dana Farber.  Arm yourself with what it might do,. Read More


Prostate Cancer Survivorship, Part 1

            Survivor.  What does that word bring to mind?  (Besides, of course, the name of the rock band whose song, “Eye of the Tiger,” went double-platinum in 1982 and was the theme of “Rocky III.”)             There are more prostate cancer survivors now than ever before.  More men are being. Read More


PyL PSMA PET Imaging:  Shining the Spotlight on Tiny Bits of Cancer

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with high-risk prostate cancer.   Maybe you have already been treated for prostate cancer, but your PSA is starting to creep back up, which means that the treatment didn’t get all of the cancer – but maybe it’s just right there in the prostate area, easily targetable. Read More


Millions of Cancer Screenings Missed During the Pandemic

When the U.S. suddenly went into lockdown in March of 2020, the delivery of health care was drastically changed. To protect patients and staff from exposure, to conserve valuable PPE, and, for some hospitals, to focus on caring for COVID patients, hospitals and clinics reduced non-emergency care. Prostate cancer screening. Read More


Targeting PSMA: Amazing Potential (Part 1)

Nearly three decades ago, Neil Bander, M.D., now Director of Urological Oncology Research at Weill Cornell, saw the potential of a newly discovered molecule called PSMA to be used in two ways:  for imaging and also for precisely targeted treatment of prostate cancer.  Over the last few years, both aspects. Read More


“Taking it to the next level:” Walking into remission

Need a reason to take PCF’s Go the Distance: 100 Miles in June challenge? Read one man’s story – then join us here. When Dick Cozza, now 76, was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer over 18 months ago, he says his doctors were astonished. “They told me they’d never seen. Read More