Each day, more than 500 men in America are diagnosed with prostate cancer. And each day, people and scientists do extraordinary things to help fight this disease. These are some of their stories.


Prostate cancer survivors, their spouses, and their families share their insights

Sherry Galloway

Mother and wife turns into prostate cancer research advocate.

Dana Jennings

This New York Timesblogger knows prostate cancer firsthand.

Emerson Knowles

Survivor knows importance of diet and exercise.

Kara Deschenes

Wife of survivor speaks about couples’ experiences.

Ali Torre

The wife of Dodgers’ manager Joe Torre values teamwork and clarity.

Charlie Wilson

An R&B legend shares his music and a life-saving message with fans.



Friends and supporters raising funds and awareness

The Jones Family

For the Jones family, the odds of the seven brothers being diagnosed with prostate cancer were against them.

Katie Martinez

Although not an avid runner, Katie sought out Athletes for a Cure to honor her father and raise money for critical research.

Ina Lim Deras

As a molecular diagnostic scientist whose father is a prostate cancer survivor, Ina’s connection to prostate cancer is both personal and professional.

Rachel Newbauer

Inspired by her father’s strength, Rachel races for research and awareness through AFAC.



PCF-funded scientists, their work, and their inspiration

Dr. Antoinette Perry

As a female researcher working on a male disease, Dr. Perry’s skills, knowledge and voice have never been more significant.

Isla Garraway

After her father’s diagnosis, researcher focused on prostate cancer.

Matthew Smith

This PCF-funded researcher works to improve the health of survivors.

Muneesh Tewari

Investigator created study to predict responses to treatments.

Dr. Tomasz Beer

This researcher knows PCF collaboration is the key to accelerating progress.



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