In memory of A. John Karpinski

Thank you for considering a gift in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation in memory of A. John Karpinski. We hope that your thoughtful donation will help others in the fight against this disease. John lost his 11-year battle with prostate cancer on Thursday, October 24th, at the age of 70 in Cape Coral, FL.

John was born on September 15th, 1943, in Upper Darby, PA. He attended Louisiana State University, where he was a member of the track team and became a lifelong fan of LSU football. From college, John was drafted into the Army and served in Korea during the Vietnam War.

Upon returning to the States, he found his way back to the Northeast and became an avid skier. In 1976, John met his wife, Terri, on the slopes at Hunter Mountain, NY, and they married a year later. He and Terri moved to southern New Jersey, where he had a career in sales working for Scott Paper Company for 27 years and then Nestlé for 6 years, before retiring with Terri to Marathon in the Florida Keys.

Shortly after retirement, John was diagnosed with prostate cancer. John & Terri soon after moved to Cape Coral, FL, where most of his battle with the disease was waged. John had an uncanny ability to light up the room he was in. His enthusiasm for life was unparalleled. People gravitated to him and his positive, fun-loving, caring personality. He was always deeply interested in the lives of his friends and family. John was an unconditionally loving husband and the best father a son could ever ask for. He will be truly missed.

John is survived by his wife Terri, his son Nick, and his sisters Ann Jones and Arlene Ashe.

Unfortunately, given his proximity to the DMZ while serving in Korea, John was exposed to Agent Orange, which was likely a contributing factor to him developing prostate cancer. Should you not want to make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, please consider the Wounded Warrior Project at to support other veterans who, like John, have risked their lives to provide us the freedoms we enjoy today.