In memory of Daniel U. Duenas

Thank you for your donation in memory of Daniel U. Duenas.

Anyone who knew our dad, Dan, knew that he did not like to be sick. He was not a fan of the flu or a cold or any kind of illness. Unfortunately, it was one of the worst kinds of sicknesses that took him from us way too early. He definitely was not going to live with prostate cancer without putting up a fight and survived for over 12 years. We were very proud of him for his courage. Watching our dad suffer in his last days, we knew he would never want anyone else to go through the pain that he endured. It was his wish for us to set up a Memorial Donation Fund for prostate cancer. It is set up in his name as our way to honor him and to remember him as the strong, loving man that he was. Although it is too late for him, it is never too late to find a cure for others. May you rest in peace, Dad. We love you!