In memory of Dennis Nelson

Dennis courageously battled prostate cancer for 9 years. Throughout this time, he was provided multiple forms of treatment: surgery, radiation and many rounds of chemotherapy and other related drugs. In addition to standard medical treatment, Dennis recieved healing touch therapy and had support and prayers from a number of friends, family members and prayer circles. He received wonderful care from the medical team at Luther Middlefort, his spiritual support team and the support of his family and friends. It was extremely important to Dennis that a cure be found one day for prostate cancer. From the time Dennis received his first treatment 9 years ago; there were 3 new drugs that were approved by the FDA. These new drugs helped prolong his life. Dennis believed strongly in the power of faith, medicine and science. He believed that a cure would be found soon, but not in his lifetime. A contribution to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in Dennis’ honor will aid in funding the research to help find a cure one day and saving the lives of other affected husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers and friends.

Thank you for your contribution in Dennis’ honor.