In memory of Donald Kamandulis

In loving memory of Donald Kamandulis…

He was always ready to give a hand, always ready to lend an ear to a friend. He was a man of strong conviction, a man of virtue and solidarity. He was a product of a harder era, one in which things didn’t come easy and when people didn’t talk or whine about their problems. They developed wry senses of humor, and they learned to shrug off things that bothered them and move on with their lives. He lived by the ideal of always doing his best and being an honest and understanding Christian. He was a part of a great generation in the history of the USA, and he was forever proud of it.

He hailed from the Massachusetts-New England area, where he enjoyed playing basketball and was a Boy Scout member. He went on to college, rushed Lambda Chi, and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business. When his country called upon him, he answered that call and served for 30+ years in the US Army as a field grade officer. He served 2 tours in Vietnam and was a paratrooper. When he retired, he moved to Florida and took up real estate and raised a family. He lived until the end of his days with his wife, son, and daughter close to his heart, and he will be eternally missed.

When we had discovered our father had prostate cancer, it was too late and little could be done. Our wish is that advancements in prostate cancer research can aid in detecting and treating prostate cancer for others out there.

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The grade of a tumor depends on how abnormal the cancer cells look under a microscope and how quickly the tumor is likely to grow and spread. Grading systems are different for each type of cancer.