In memory of Donald Kennedy

Thanks for visiting this page and taking the time to remember and honor a very special person, Donald Kennedy.

Don, (or Papa as he was known to his grandkids) was a generous and loving husband, dad, and grandpa. He grew up in Worcester, MA, and graduated from Holy Cross College. Married to Judy for 54 years, they raised 6 kids and have 14 grandchildren, all of whom were very close to him. He loved all of his grandchildren, who he called his “best buddies,” and showed it in the amount of time he spent at sporting events, college tours, fishing, and even special dinners out with Nana and Papa. A great family man and great cook, we miss his Papa’s chicken and Egg-McKennedy and his happy presence in the kitchen surrounded by family. He loved family meals and never missed saying Grace in thanks. Also missed is his love of playing the piano and the gift of music he brought to our daily lives. He had an intense interest in politics and was a patriot who loved his country, serving in the Navy as a pilot and up the ranks to Commander before retiring. An avid sports fan, he loved the New England sports teams.

He had a very kind heart and honestly cared for people, and he never passed a homeless person on the street without giving nor missed an opportunity to help someone in need. He was extremely generous with his time and his money, and religion was important, so he gave much to his church and to charity.

Don passed away on December 11, 2010, at home with his family. The last year of his life was difficult, as the disease took a terrible toll, but he was neither bitter nor angry and lived as always with grace and dignity. His family and friends miss him terribly, and there is an empty place in our lives and hearts without him.

Thank you for keeping his memory alive by making a donation in his name to help to eradicate this terrible disease that has affected so many.