In memory of John Mosca

John Mosca, whose white-frame Avondale restaurant Mosca’s is a Mecca for gourmands craving such garlic-infused specialties as barbecued shrimp, baked oysters and marinated crab salad, died Wednesday of cancer at his Harahan home. He was 86.

Even though he was Mosca’s owner, Mr. Mosca (pronounced “Mohsca”) was no figurehead.

He arose at 5 a.m. to do shopping, drop off his daughter, Lisa, at school and do more shopping. He made sausages for the restaurant, his daughter said, and he used to make all the pasta and set it out on the tables to dry.

“He was always moving,” she said. “It was his nature just to keep going.”

At night, Mr. Mosca was at the bar, greeting customers and mixing drinks and socializing with friends.

“He enjoyed being at the restaurant,” Lisa Mosca said. “I think that’s what kept him active and healthy for so long.”

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