In memory of Rick D. Kruit

Rick’s story was one of strength and courage and was all about his fight to stay with us one more day.

Rick was diagnosed with Stage IV Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer on February 13, 2012, at the age of 48. Once prostate cancer has escaped the prostate there is no stopping it, one can only hope to slow it down. We found our hope at the University of Colorado Anshutz Cancer Facility, where they gave Rick the most modern treatments available in the world, which gave us an amazing 32 more months to celebrate life with him. A ball of energy, he continued his passions for running, golfing, and spending time with our blended family of six kids through every treatment….nothing slowed him down. His cancer was aggressive, and he fought hard and handled everything with grace and courage, but he took his first breath in Heaven at 3PM on October 2nd, 2014. Rick walked lockstep with Jesus Christ throughout his cancer journey, and we know that he is in His sweet embrace and that we will be together again. Rick encouraged everyone to share his story in hopes of spreading the word to all men to get their PSA checked and to not let a doctor tell you, “no,” when you ask for one before the age of 50.

Thank you for honoring Rick’s life with a contribution in his name to further research towards a cure for prostate cancer.

Terms to know from this article:


prostate-specific antigen (PSA): A substance produced by the prostate that may be found in an increased amount in the blood of men who have prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, or infection or inflammation of the prostate.