In memory of Sup Yong Park

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for visiting this page in honor of our dad, Sup Yong Park, who passed away after battling prostate cancer for 23 years.

Our father was born in a small village in South Korea as the eldest male child. He took his responsibility as head of the Park family to heart, making sacrifices throughout his life for the sake of the family, including his very large extended family. After working as a math teacher, an office worker, and an executive in a construction company, he immigrated to the United States to provide a better life for his family, specifically for better educational opportunities for his children. As a newly immigrated middle-aged man with limited English skills, he didn’t have much choice but to become a blue collar worker. He endured physical fatigue, language barriers, cultural differences, and discrimination to provide for his family. However, he felt they were all worth it as his children, and later his grandchildren, performed well in school — receiving bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees.

Our dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1993. Because his cancer was diagnosed at an early stage, he was able to have a full life with treatments and close monitoring by his doctors. He walked about 2 miles daily and was diligent in taking care of his health until 2015 when his cancer metastasized.

While we are overcome with grief, we are grateful for having known a wonderful man as our father, father-in-law, and grandfather. He enjoyed camping/hiking, photography, traveling, eating, and writing cards/letters. He also liked to brag about his children and grandchildren — any little thing that we did well made him proud. Although he lived through some very difficult times in his life (losing his father at an early age, living through the Japanese occupation of Korea, the Korean War, losing his wife/our mom to breast cancer), he did not have a hardened heart. He loved the company of people and enjoyed hosting parties/gatherings (often at the expense of our mom who had to do all the cooking!). He welcomed his extended family, friends, church members, and acquaintances to his home. We learned by his example how to be giving to others — to volunteer our time and money. While he is no longer with us physically, his legacy will live on through us.

We appreciate your donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in memory of our dad. Your kind generosity will be used towards supporting those who are impacted by this disease.


The Park Family