In memory of Thomas Edwin Horsey

Thank you for your donation in memory of Thomas Edwin Horsey and for helping to further prostate cancer research in his name.

A litttle history about my father. He drove stock cars in his younger years, worked in a paper mill, milk truck, bus driver, and subway driver. When he retired from the MTA, he got a part-time job at UMBC driving a shuttle bus. A real workaholic but loved it. He loved to travel in his free time, favorite place being Disney World. Loved to tell stories and jokes with family and friends. Everyone he came in contact with enjoyed his company.

Almost 7 years ago, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was still working at the UMBC, and even though in pain, never missed a day. Once forced to leave his job due to his illness, the symptoms got worse. He never let anyone know how much pain he was in. In the later stages, he refused to visit family. He didn’t want anyone to see how his body deteriorated. He still loved to drive and took my mother everywhere. He still always took day trips until the week before his death even after weekly treatments.

Our reason for creating this page is to hopefully get people to understand that this can happen to any family. We dont’ want another family to go through the same horror. Have the men in your life get checked and treated for prostate cancer. Let your families’ memories continue for as long as possible. Just don’t ignore doctors’ warnings. Our future as a whole family has ended, but the memories we have, we do cherish.