In memory of Willie Cleveland

Willie Cleveland was a very active, hardworking, outspoken, and genuine man. He believed in hard work and in saving for rainy days. He made sure all of us knew the importance of a job and the importance of having something saved for when rough times may appear. He was a devoted employee of an iron mill in Jacksonville, Florida, from where he retired in April of 1994. He was a big family man and was very dedicated to all of us. He loved the Jacksonville Jaguars and the TV shows “Two and a Half Men,” “Lets Make a Deal,” and “Judge Judy.” He also enjoyed the outdoors and traveling. His favorite place to visit was his home state…’BAMA!

When he would go to chemo he made it joyful — he never gave up, and he never let us see the struggle he was going through. He made sure he made every appointment, and he enjoyed sharing stories with the doctors and nurses. This page is dedicated to all people who have prostate cancer. In memory of our loved one, let’s make a difference and donate to support and research this important cause.


The Cleveland/Marshall Family