Challenge Awards are multi-year team science projects that focus specifically on permanent solutions for lasting remissions that advanced prostate cancer patients urgently need. This is an area of urgent clinical need—while prostate cancer is 100% treatable if detected early, approximately 20% of patients will develop aggressive disease that will recur, progress, and metastasize.

“The latest discoveries in prostate cancer genetics have brought us closer than ever to a cure, but there is far more work to be done in the realm of advanced, aggressive prostate cancers,” said Jonathan W. Simons, MD, president and chief executive officer, PCF. “Challenge Award teams exemplify how a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary for realizing critical results.”

“What PCF has done is created a community of investigators that is almost magical,” said Challenge Award recipient Kenneth Pienta, MD (Johns Hopkins Medicine).

Since 2007, PCF has funded 104 Team Science Awards, representing a total investment of $151 million. In total, these teams represent 141 individual investigators, representing 60 institutions across 8 countries.