PCF is unique in its innovative approach to medical research funding. PCF identifies the most promising research ideas and attracts brilliant individuals and teams of scientists, early in their careers, to PCF’s Research Enterprise. By channeling resources directly to the world’s top scientific minds, PCF is able to cut through red tape, speed scientific breakthroughs and deliver new treatments to patients.

In 1993, PCF created a Competitive Awards program that revolutionized the evaluation and funding of prostate cancer research. Fortune magazine credited PCF with creating the “modern venture philanthropy” model for cancer research—citing the transformative power of PCF’s short grant applications and rapid funding.

The awards empowered many young scientists to fill the pipeline with new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. More than 20 clinical trials involving better diagnostics and new treatments for advanced prostate cancer came about through PCF research awards.

After careful evaluation by more than 40 experts in prostate cancer research and biotechnology, PCF revised its investment strategy in 2007. The goal: to build on past successes and further accelerate the development of new therapies and the discovery of new information.

Our current strategy includes numerous funding programs.  They have their own goals but are designed to work together. Most importantly, they are designed to be scalable and self-perpetuating.

The PCF Human Capital Initiative includes two awards that aim to identify and support the next generation of visionary young investigators—a task made even more crucial by recent reductions in government funding:

  • Young Investigator Awards offer career support for young, proven investigators who have already achieved faculty positions and are committed to prostate cancer research.
  • PCF Creativity Awards support the development of high-risk, high-reward ideas.
  • PCF Challenge Awards make larger investments in multi-year projects that have high transformative potential for areas of unmet need in prostate cancer research.
  • Recognition Awards support investigators not currently funded by PCF for their outstanding accomplishments in prostate cancer research.