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Prostate Cancer Blogs

Prostate Cancer Blogs

Patients and caregivers alike can find inspiration and information from the following blogs written by individuals directly impacted by a prostate cancer diagnosis. Please note that PCF does not necessarily endorse any of the views contained in the blogs and that the bloggers, on occassion, can be frank in their description of medical issues:

Dan’s Journey with Prostate Cancer


My First Cancer
Bill Curry’s blog about his cancer journey.

Tony Crispino
Tony Crispino was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer at the age of 44.

Dan Maryon’s Blog
Dan Maryon blogs mostly about his prostate cancer experience since being diagnosed in 2007.

Cancer Adventures
Gary and Marlys Johnson share their adventures after Gary’s prostate cancer diagnosis.

Our Walk With Stage IV Prostate Cancer
Marilyn and Marshall Mullins share their experiences with prostate cancer.

Dana Jennings
While no longer actively blogging, Dana Jennings’ New York Times posts on his treatment for prostate cancer are still available online.

Live Above Cancer
Sherry and Terrence Luttrell’s prostate cancer experience.

Blog Collections
Some blogs from a different perspective. As with the blogs above, PCF does not necessarily endorse the content published by the authors:

Blog For a Cure
A collection of blogs by cancer survivors, including prostate cancer survivors.

Written by L. Michael Glode, a medical oncologist and Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado Cancer Center.